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Child Care Matters To Me is brought to you by concerned families in Ontario and is supported by early learning and child care organizations across the province.


High quality, safe and affordable child care matters to families and Ontario’s future.

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It’s time to modernize the child care system.

Child care in Ontario is based on a patchwork of regulations and legislation that is more than 30 years old. But the realities of our economy and the needs of families are far different than they were in the 1980s.

Today’s parents might need multiple incomes, they might be single parents, or they might be looking for work or pursuing their own education or training. These parents, their children and their employers depend on affordable, flexible child care models. There isn’t one way to take good care of our children – Ontario’s families should have access to options that best meet their needs.

However, there are major barriers for families. High fees for child care have made it difficult for people to work and take care of their families. In addition, the shortage of child care spaces for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers leaves many families with no options.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for Ontarians to have access to a system of high-quality, safe licensed child care that addresses the early learning and care needs of younger children.  It’s time to modernize child care – taking into account today’s economic realities, the existence of full-day kindergarten and the shortage of high-quality licensed child care spaces.

Ontario’s families urgently need modernized child care. It matters to children, families and Ontario’s economy.


Why Does Modernization Matter?

For children, quality child care matters because they get to spend their days in a safe, creative and stimulating environment with professionals who will give them personal attention, teach them, nurture them and help them to thrive.

For families, quality, affordable licensed child care matters. Child care already costs upwards of $12,000 per child, per year in Ontario. A modernized funding approach for licensed child care is needed to keep the cost of child care under control so families are not left out in the cold.

For Ontario’s economy, child care funding matters. If the child care system becomes too expensive, parents will have no choice but to give up their jobs and child care professionals will be laid off. Fewer people working means fewer people earning, spending and investing – having a direct impact on Ontario’s bottom line.

We need to ensure the viability of high quality, licensed child care in Ontario that gives children the best start in life.


Why does legislation matter?

Ontario must have an appropriate legal framework to ensure access to safe, licensed care. … viagra uk review buy doxycycline can u buy doxycycline online doxycycline

Families must be able to trust that their children are safe so that they have the confidence to work. Appropriate, standardized regulations and oversight that ensure safety are very important parts of modernizing the child care system.

Families deserve to have access to licensed child care that meets safety and quality standards. High-quality, licensed child care centres, home child care and school based programs all have an important place in the child care system. Improving the availability of spaces should be an urgent priority.


How Did We Get Here?

After a lot of work to show that child care funding matters, the government announced additional stabilization funding which is scheduled to expire after this year. However, families are still under pressure – if a modernized system of high quality, safe and affordable care is not in place, people will be forced to give up their jobs. Licensed centres will be forced to lay-off highly trained staff and be forced to close.

The end result? Ontario’s economy suffers and families face little hope of finding quality child care for their children.


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