Child Care Matters To Me

High quality, safe and affordable child care matters to the future of Ontario.

Full-Day kindergarten is welcome. Of equal importance is the early learning and care of younger children.

There is still a lot of pressure on child care spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, leaving many families with no options.

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How Can We Improve Child Care in Canada?

The Globe and Mail is looking for your input about how child care can be improved in Cadnaad. Share your thoughts: Tell us about your kids’ daycare: Costs, headaches, and inventive solutions

Posted Sep 13, 2013 read more

Inspections For All Child Care Must Be Made Public

There is a system for accountability for licensed child care in Ontario. Inspection reports for licensed centres are publicly posted on the Ministry of Education website. Unregulated care inspections, however, are not. Unregulated child care is inspected on a complaints driven process. The results of these inspections are not posted. Reasons of  ”privacy” are not [...]

Posted Jul 22, 2013 read more

Child Care Matters to me because . . .

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Mayor Chris Friel
Child Care is important. My family has run licensed daycares for more than 30 yrs. Of course child care matters.
Mayor Chris Friel City of Brantford
Tom Cooper
In Hamilton, we're striving to make our City the Best Place to Raise a Child, but without access to child care services, many parents and kids will not be able escape the cycle of poverty. Affordable, accessible child care is an investment in our community's future.
Tom Cooper Director, Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
Aviva Boxer
I wish for a Hamilton that commits to making all the city's children its top priority: no more hungry kids; licensed and high-quality day care for all children and families who need it; safe homes and neighbourhoods; more encouragement and better support to make sure kids graduate from high school and make it to university or college.

The expectation of success shouldn't just be for those who are lucky enough to be able afford it or for those who somehow beat the odds.

I wish for a city that makes sure its children, its future adult citizens, achieve their full potential.
Aviva Boxer The Hamilton Spectator Editor
Mark Chamberlain
Early Learning and Child Care is more than care, its development and its investment. Development occurs socially, mentally, and emotionally when the brain is its most 'plastic' stage in the early years. It is an investment into a child's emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Early learning and child care is an investment into the future of our economy as we develop creative, skilled and resilient people.
Mark Chamberlain community champion
Jane M.
Affordable, high quality child care is essential for Toronto's families and for Toronto's future — we have thousands of families waiting, just to get into this system — don't let them down!
Jane M. Toronto, Ontario
Andrea C.
Child care matters to me because it is good for kids, good for families, and good for communities.

It helps lift families out of poverty, and gives kids the great start in life that they have the right to.
Andrea C. Ontario
Trish H.
Child care matters to me because it is an integral part of the continuum of family support services that children and families need.
Trish H. Ontario

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